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Thanks for all the free info, I had several choices on what I think may be last bike. Wing, BMW K1200LT or Ultra Road Glide. My first bike was a 305 dream in 1970. Since then several Harleys, a 85 shadow and lastly a 2003 Kawasaki Nomad.
Today I purchased an White 08 Goldwing, Comfort ABS Navi + several add ons. 18900 miles.
First up tires...I many choices..darkside probably next set.
Going to stay fairly stock Dunlop or Stones what ever deal I find.
Next trip is Aug...Fl ,Ozarks, Denver, Grand Tetons, Badlands, last day of Sturgis (Patch and T Shirt LOL)and then back to Fla. Two weeks I am thinking. My mid life crisis at 60.
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:waving::waving:Welcome from Vancouver Island Canadas west coast.

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Welcome from Oklahoma :waving: Enjoy the wing :cheesygrin:
Hello Steve and Welcome to the forum family . Enjoy the miles ahead and visit often .
Hallo becesteve

Welcome on this nice forum. Wish you al the best.
And good luck with your Wing.
Howdy and welcome to the forum! :waving:
Welcome from North Dakota
Enjoy your Wing! Welcome from Utah
welcome to the forums
Warm welcome to you buddy
:waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving:

Hello from Virginia,

Welcome Aboard!!!!!

Glad to have you with us!

:waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving:
Hello and welcome from So Cal.
Enjoy your wing!!
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