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SEPTEMBER 25th 26th 27th 28[suP]th[/suP], 2008


[align=center]CALHOUN, GA 30701

Any member who wishes to attend, please register by sending a PM to Myself or wexman

Country Inn and Suites
1033 East Highway 53 Southeast, Calhoun, GA 30701 [/b]
(706) 625-1585

Website for the Country Inn, Calhoun:

Here's the current list (to my knowledge) of members booked at the Country Inn as ofMarch 02, 2008:

  1. Wexman & better half
  2. Silverfox and Helen the Viking
  3. Tynkerbelle and Peterbylt
  4. 96aspencade & Mrs. 96aspencade
  5. Brian (brother of Mrs. 96aspencade)
  6. Exavid & Jluvs2Dive
  7. Wrongway & Bonnie
  8. rcmatt007 & Beth
  9. english bob & Mrs. english bob
  10. creekwalker
  11. snorebaby & Mrs. snorebaby
  12. old hawkeye
  13. goldwinger & Mrs. goldwinger
  14. kylesmuskie & Mrs kylesmuskie
  15. AZgl1500 & Mrs. AZgl1500
  16. Mr. & Mrs. 2wings
  17. Mr. & Mrs. Goldwings 4 ever
  18. roscoepc
  19. OnaWingandaPrayer & Mrs. OnaWingandaPrayer
  20. Mr. & Mrs. liquidplumber
  21. Mr. and Mrs. Swampfoxcws
  22. Mr. and Mrs. 98Wing-487
  23. ponymanr
  24. wgj46
  25. Kit Carson
  26. Mr. & Mrs. Ghost Rider 2
  27. mr and mrs Nobbie.
  28. Mr and Mrs hawggy
  29. Whbond & Bills girl (Bill & Renee Bond)
Website for the Country Inn, Calhoun:

Reminder: If anybody books just make sure you tell them you're with the Goldwing group and also PM me with the name used for the booking, your check-in and check-out dates and your confirmation number if you have it. That way I can keep track of how many rooms we have etc.

NOTE: To get the group rate you MUST phone the Country Inn at 706-625-6500. Make sure you tell them you're with the Goldwing Group.

Notice:Creekwalker Price,$11.50 US each T-Shirt. Those of you that have orderedT-shirts need to send either a check, money orderoruse pay-palto CreekwalkerASAP. Please makecheck payable to James Mccauley and mail to:

James Mccauley

PO Box 362

Sylvania, GA 30467 USA

Make sure you make a notation on the check or money order of your forum name, andwhat your order is so James can mark you off aspaid, and for how many. Thanks.

[align=center]List of people attending the Rally

This list is updated as time permits. If you need to be added to the list please PM cyote61.[/align]
  1. Mr. & Mrs. wexman
  2. Mr. & Mrs. 2wings
  3. LilJack
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Snorebaby
  5. Mr. & Mrs. swampfoxcws
  6. Jluvs2dive
  7. Silverfox & Helen the Viking
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Nightwizard40
  9. Wda-83wing
  10. sandiegobrass
  11. Mr. & Mrs. pidjones
  12. Mr. & Mrs. SB in SC
  13. Flyone
  14. Mr. & Mrs. Sir Slink
  15. BlackGW
  16. Hobo Forum Mascot
  17. Mr. & Mrs. kylemuskie
  18. Mr. & Mrs. Wrongway
  19. creekwalker
  20. Mr. & Mrs. Lostinflorida
  21. Mr. & Mrs. 96aspencade
  22. rcmatt007
  23. Mr. & Mrs. Chdeshm
  24. Mr. & Mrs. Liquidplumber
  25. Mr. & Mrs. 98Wing-487
  26. Big E
  27. Mr. &Mrs.Endwell_Tim
  28. roscoepc
  29. Mr. and Mrs. redgoldwing06
  30. Mr. and Mrs. Goldwings 4 Ever
  31. D-Rod & Button Lady
  32. Hillbilly1
  33. Peterbylt & Tynkerbelle
  34. exavid
  35. Scotthohio
  36. wvboy
  37. Mr.& Mrs. Bashful
  38. GLester
  39. AZgl1500
  40. BobbyW
  41. Old Hawkeye
  42. Mr. & Mrs. TA
  43. don_berry
  44. Mr. & Mrs overdrive26 and Sugar Baby
  45. Dusty Boots
  46. DigbyODell(Digger/DaBoss)
  47. Mr. & Mrs. OnaWingandaPrayer
  48. MOPMan
  49. wgj46
  50. thessler
  51. Mr. & Mrs. Nobbie
  52. Mr. & Mrs. V-7 Goose
  53. Mr. & Mrs Racejunky
  54. Shooter
  55. jlara
  56. Mr. & Mrs. rdivirgilio
  57. East Tenn.
  58. Schwiesshund
  59. Mr. & Mrs. jrr199
  60. Kit Carson
  61. Mr. tricky
  62. Mr. & Mrs. keithg64
  63. Mr. & Mrs Ghost Rider 2
  64. Mr. &Mrs Bagmaster
  65. Mr. & Mrs. Jackhammer01
  66. Nightrider1
  67. QDaddy
  68. Cloud9
  69. Mr. & Mrs. Hawggy
  70. AVA Auto Tech
  71. Luddy
  72. Gregg
  73. whbondjr & Bills girl
  74. ponymanr
  75. NaturalyGW
  77. Ray and Tracy
  78. Mr. & Mrs. Big John .25
  79. Larry & Angie (guests of BigJohn.25)
  80. Mr. & Mrs. cloudrider
  81. Mr. & Mrs Friends of cloudrider
  82. Mr. & Mrs. helwener
[align=center]Support the Board Raffle/Auction Guidelines
Calhoun, GA Rally September 27, 2008
If you would like to participate in the raffle to donate to the Steve Saunders Board and the reason we are gathering from the far corners of the worldplease bring an item that represents your local state, country or providence.

It should be small enough that it fits on or in a bike since most of us will be traveling by bike.

This should be a fun, interesting and inexpensive item!

We will hold the auction on Saturday at the Ranch. You can drop your item off at the main-house or with cyote61 ahead of time or bring it with you on Saturday.

[align=center]All Proceeds for the Auction will go to the
Steve Saunders Goldwing Board

:waving:Any questions PM Tynkerbelle :waving:


Coffee and donuts will be served daily in the AM


[align=center]Event Schedule[/align]
  • Thursday Sept-25th
  1. Arrival and sign in day. Late afternoon will be reception meet and greet and snacks.
  2. Sign in and signup for day rides or plan your own day ride with other members.
  3. Drawing and raffle tickets on sale.
  4. Route maps for dayrides will be available.

  • Friday Sept 26th
  1. AM- Meet for rides and Rally events.
  2. Sign in and raffle ticketsall day.
  3. Dragon Ride, KSU (kick stands up) at 8:30 AM.
  4. 8 ball pairs tournament starts.
  5. PM- rest and relaxation and games
  6. late afternoon, Dogs, brats, soft drinks
  7. Evening, camp fire, tall tales and good times.
  • Saturday Sept 27th
  1. AM- Meet for rides and rally events.
  2. Sign in and raffle tickets on sale all day.
  3. PM- Fun and games and R&R as always.
  4. How I pimped my ride
  5. Slow ride contest
  6. Lawn bowling contests
  7. Later PM-raffle and drawings
  8. 6:00 PM Catered southern BBQ dinner will be served.
  • Sunday Sept 28th
  1. Departure day all day for those that have to start home. You are welcome to stay longer and enjoyif your time permits.
  • We are located just 45 miles south of Chattanooga TN and 85 miles North of Atlanta GA. We are off at EXIT-312 on Interstate-75 and 5 miles East from that exit on Hwy-53. Great location to Everything.
  • Coming from West Coast you can take the Southern Route I-10 to I-20, or you can come over on I-40.
  • If you are coming from B. C. or North West you can choose lots of routes over to like Saint Louis and then drop south through Nashville and stay on I-24 into Chattanooga picking up I-75 there.
  • Coming down from Ohio just jump on I-75 and run straight South and from North East make your way down to I-81 and head for Knoxville TN then catch I-40 to I-75.
  • The weather is normally in the low 80’s about this time of year and lows in the 50’s. Starts to get a little cooler every 30 minutes as you head north on the back roads into the mountains from the ranch. Sept and Oct here are normally very dry months.
  • Lodging. If you are moteler’s then there are dozens of motels around the 312- Exit just 6 miles from the ranch. From Cheap motels to places like the Hampton Inn and Comfort Suites. You’ll have a full list to choose from.
  • Food is in the same area, from Steak houses to every fast food type place back here in GA.
  • If you camp we have tons of lawn and trees here. Water is available also and a limited amount of electric. We have lots of shelter to get under from the rain, plenty of BBQ’s and restrooms. There is no mud, all roads are paved.
  • The Swimming pool will be open but is not heated. It should still be plenty warm in September. We will have other games set up as well as we have a pool room with one table.
  • We have plenty of Space for all RV’s that may come but it will be dry camping with plenty of water you can fill with.
  • Outdoor patio with BBQ’s and fireplace with plenty of wood if we have cool evening.
In town (Calhoun) there are wal-mart, K-mart, radio shack, and outlet mall and lots of other places but it is just a small country town.
OK, I'm going to take the shotgun approach to this post and splatter it all over the other threads too.

We are having more than one raffle, 50/50, door prises, and also an auction. The biggest percentage of the money taken in will go to the Steve Saunders Forum. The 50/50 will go half to the longest distance rider and the rest to the person who's ticket number is drawn. We will judge the longest distance rider by the routethey took to get here as put into Microsoft Streets and trip program for total miles.

The total dollars collected on the Sheriff's fines will all go towards a worthy cause that concerns our forum and will be announced on Sunday morning.

There will be nice prizes for all winner of our contests that youget involved in.Please join the fun.

We are attempting to throw you guys a rally that you will not long forget and I ask you to supportit and it's causes to be best of your ability. We have continued to make this a free event to all so that you'd enjoy and support it.Please come and join thefamily.

Thank you, cyote61

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