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FLIR deer warning for MOtorcycles?

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I like to ride. I also want to live long and have done a lot to maximize my survivability.

However, deer scare me. They can kill anyone, anytime.

I saw a dead deer carcass by the road on the way to work today and started thinking about it again.

There are military systems, typically video, called FLIR (forward looking infra red).

I wonder if it would be possible (and cheap enough) to have a relatively simple IR detector that could look ahead and alarm to rider when a heat source was detected in close proximity to the road. Of course it would only work in uncongested areas but thats where the deer are anyway.

same system might be employed for automobiles which also have many thousands of deer collisions annually.

anyone out there know enough to say if this is remotely possible?
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It's out there already, just don't know how cost effective it is but it's a good idea.
I've seen deer run into the side of cars.
Knowing they're there is only half the battle.
They're dumb. You can't "out-stupid" a deer. I've tried.
Wow, $2500 for base model and $3500 for full option model! :shock:
Wow. Very expensive! Amazing to see how technology has progressed though!
I know Mercedes has sensors on the front of their bumpers that will sense a collision and pretense your seatbelts and deploy airbags quicker.

Getting the price down for everyday consumers is now the point!

Well if you want to spend a half day, go check this link from the gl1800riders site:

First shot is post 6 but gets to details around 71.
Andy; thx for thread reference.

This idea, which is a good one that willsave lives, probably has to wait until a major auto mfgr decides to add a detector to a product line. that would get the volume of the detector up to a point where it could be a reasonably priced aftermarket item for motorcycles.

I know up here where I live (MN) an optional deer detector that actually worked for cars would be something people would pay several hundred dollars for ... and almost certainly get a deduct on their collision ins to boot.
Unless you're riding 2-up and the passenger is staring at the screen, I can't picture a safe way to pay enough attention to the screen for it to be worthwhile, without eventually running off the road. This would have to be a navigator/passenger function.
my thought is that with some data processing no screen would be used; just a visual and maybe audible alarm when a heat source meeting a specific set of criteria was detected near the road.
One drawback I can see to that would be discerning between deer and other things like dogs and people. Unless that was pretty foolproof you'd be making sudden slowdowns pretty often. Might lead to being rear ended.
In daylight and in areas likely to have deer I ride toward the center of the inside track to give myself as much time to slow in case I spot a deer as I can get. Unfortunately most never see the deer until the collision. In a heavily infested area I try to get behind a car and let them run interference for me. Especially after dark.
If you do have a deer pop up, keep the bike straight hit the brakes and don't try to swerve around the critter. The best defense is to try to scrub off as much speed as you can in a straight line. That way you reduce the energy of the impact as much as possible.
Common sense and awareness helps. I've managed to avoid a deer collision for 55 years so far. Never hit a caribou or moose either. It's a crap shoot, I've been lucky, might not be tomorrow. Just remember the odds are in favor of you not hitting a deer and when you hit one the deer usually loses. AGATT helps a LOT.
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You guys say Deers we say Roos. You can try and be as vigilant as possible but unfortunately luck plays a huge part in the equation. I saw a ute ( pickup) that had a scratch on the bonnet (hood) and a dent in the tailgate where the roo had gone straight over the roof and missed killing the occupants.
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