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Florida Turnpike the best way to go?

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I'm drilling into my route for next month's US Four Corner ride and based on the various route planning tools, I see that I'll be on Florida Turnpike from ~Ft Pierce to Homestead and again from Homestead to I-75 in the Wildwood area.

Wish I could spend a lot more time off interstates, but we have (1) a limited amount of time for the trip and (2) already selected other areas to get in scenic rides (PCH, Yellowstone/Beartooth areas, etc.).

My question: is this the best route down this stretch for making time as safely as possible? It's probably going to cost quite a bit to stay on the Fl Turnpike nearly 470 miles so would it be any better to stay on 95 on the southern portion? Or 27 on the northern portion?

The cost of the turnpike is not my concern. My concern is traffic congestion, time, etc.

Thanks in advance!
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I really enjoyed 441 and it joins with 27, but gets a little congested around Haines City. Still, not a bad route. 441 is scenic through Georgia and Florida.
If you have to make time then the interstate system is good .
Its been to long since I have used the Turnpike to offer thoughts on it . The turnpike used to issue a ticket stubb at entry and pay at exit . If your elapsed time was to fast you get a speeding ticket for your effort .
Perhaps I95 south then use I75 north to I10 west . That way your not backtracking what you have already seen .
Just updating to pass some info. I found out yesterday that the Sunpass Mini (for the Florida Turnpike) is NOT for motorcycles. Mine arrived in the mail and the first thing I saw on the back of the package was that it was NOT for motorcycles. During the subsequent call to the phone number on the wrapping I found that the Mini uses the glass windshield of a car to act as the antenna. The gent, pleasant as he was, said it probably wouldn't work with a non-glass windshield. I'm going to try to swap it at the first terminal Sunday as I pass through, but DO NOT buy the Sunpass Mini unless someone has contradictory real life experience.
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