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Let me ask it this way.

Does anyone here have experience selling a wing on eBay? What are the pros and cons? What are the costs? Any advice?

EBY pulls so many tricks and gimmicks at times it's hard to say! Last time I looked Ebay motors was like $50 to list rather it sold or not. Not sure if any other fees on top of that or not.

Then again they were charging to list regular items and last I looked it was like 50 itmes a month free, but had to pa the final value fee which is of course a percent of the winning bid price. Now I heard the also charge it on the shipping cost also. And of course they bought out Paypal several years ago so they get those fees also when you get a payment through paypal!
I dumped Ebay for most of my sales several years ago as they do nothing and was getting near as much money as me for the stuff I was building and selling! No risk to them, they make money either way, I pay out either way to them, hopefully my items would sell for enough I could make a profit on my own work sweat and expenses, course they profit rather it sells or not so they don't give a crap and even show other similar listings to compete against you and even stores they have nothing to do with just to make an extra dime even if you lose a sale because they sent some customer of yours to some other website!

Sometimes Ebay can be a decent place to sell, did I mention they don't give a crap about you as a seller though!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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