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Please take a minute to read this post, which contains the short easy to read version of the rules. The fuller version is in the Forum Help page HERE.

ALL posts that contains links made purposely to promote commercial products, Cellphones, Movies, Pornographic Material, WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY. No links are allowed until you have proven yourself as a bonafide Goldwing contributing member... SPAMMERS, BUZZ OFF!!!

Do not register with a rude, offensive or pornographic name. I will delete accounts with what I think are inappropriate names. Multiple forum membership/accounts are not allowed without prior admin approval.

No arguments allowed on the forum with other forum members or staff. No attacking, baiting or bashing the staff or other forum members. This is an international community and I expect all members to have respect for their fellow members. Do not try to stir up trouble for any part of any community, race, religion or occupation including police, politicians, religious leaders or other forum members. Offenders will be banned without notification.

Trolls are not welcome here and will not be tolerated. Attempting to undermine the community with troll/flame/hate/baiting/bickering posts will see offenders banned once I see what they are doing.

Political, guns, religious and racial threads are not allowed here simply because they almost always result in arguments between posters and the thread going down in flames quickly.

PM's (Private Messages) between you and other members or Moderators/Admins are private and should not be posted or quoted on the public forum. Posting PMs from Moderators/Admins on the forum or calling them out in public is a shortcut to getting banned.

No links to porn sites, ever and no pictures of naked ladies in posts or avatars. Forum staff reserve the right to delete or edit posts where necessary. Members who need to question why a post was deleted or edited should PM a Moderator or Admin, and not call them out or challenge them openly on the forum. Anyone who thinks they have been unfairly dealt with by a Moderator should contact me and I will look into the matter.

Advertising; Promoting or advertising businesses, other forums or web sites is regarded as spam and is forbidden. I will however be happy to freely trade links with similar sites/forums on our links pages. Directly advertising or promoting products in your posts is not allowed on the forum. Posting your experience about products or items you find is great, we all like to hear about these things and share the information. But repeated spamming or plugging your products here is out. You can have a link to your web site (provided it's not a commercial site) in your signature as well, but no images or links to images in the signature please, this just clutters up the forum pages. We do however make some exceptions for members in good standing here, so make sure you ask for Admin permission first before putting an image or commercial link in your signature.

The For Sale Forum is for the use of participating forum members, ie members who have a minimum of 15 normal posts elsewhere on the forum. If you post something for sale and you have less than 5 posts made elsewhere on the forum, your advertisement will be deleted. If you have more than 5 and less than 15 posts made, your advertisement will be locked to replies until your post count reaches 15. Bumping your own advertisement(posting repeatedly to your own advertisement thread to bump it back to the top) is not allowed. You may reply to questions in your advertisement thread, and update it occasionally with relevant information (price changes, parts sold etc.). But useless bump posts will see your whole advertisement thread removed. Moderators discretion in this will prevail.

Important information for sellers; Dealers and vendors (whether full or part-time, big or small, individuals or companies) please note that you may not openly advertise products, special offers or services here. If you take the time to participate in some of the forum discussions, after a few weeks membership you can request to have your logo/link in your signature.The only condition for you to retain yourlogo/link in your signature is that you continue to participate in the forum. A few posts a month will keep your profile and logo visible to all the 42,000 and growing membership. There is no charge for having your logo/link visible, just participate in some of the discussions.

The Technical Forum is the foundation stone of and the rest of the forum has grown around it. Please use it for posting technical questions and answers. There is a very high percentage of useful information to be found there and we have no room in it for posts that are counter-productive to maintaining a quality technical forum for all Goldwing riders and owners to enjoy.

Feel free to email me at
or login to the forum and PM me (wingnut) if you have questions about the web site or forum, or problems using it. Please do not ask meq uestions about Goldwing maintenance or parts, the forum is the place to ask these things.

Suspensions and bans; Steve Saunders Goldwing Page/ web site and forum are free to use and we ask for nothing in return except that the members adhere to the conditions in this article. Anyone who abuses these conditions may be warned by PM about their behaviour, or they may be suspended or banned without warning. Ignoring a warning will see them suspended without notification from posting for a few days before being allowed to post again on the forum. This is a last chance which we believe most people deserve. Repeat offenders will without notification be banned permanently from posting on the forum and their accounts locked up, The staff will not enter into correspondence on the matter with a banned member. A ban is permanent, there is no coming back.
* * * * *

Your use of the resources on Steve Saunders Goldwing Page/ indicates that you have read, understood and fully agree withthese conditions. These conditions will occasionally be updated without notice. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your understanding - Steve Saunders.

This post last updated June 12th, 2012.
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