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WTF??? this thing mounts on the front frame, and is a very wide dual leg stand!! Get thee hence satan! never seen such a thing. adjustable, was chromed, its on the limited I just got.
heres an option list.
air ride front and back, S&W. onboard air compressor. power up and down remote, front and back.
second gen bates bags with chrome surround and quad light kit.
second gen bates trunk.
vetter fairing, with cycle sound. all plastics painted and trimmed to match
forward add on center stand
vanda cruise
chrome brake rotor covers and caliper covers.
floor boards, with heel toe, and oversized brake pad.
bar risers AND bar setbacks
Rolls Royce grille
chrome plug wire covers
chrome intake runner covers
chrome fuel pump housing
custom grips
air wings on shield
lowers on fairing
crash bars
highway pegs
Fog Lights
Dyna 3 CDI
passenger floor boards
air horn
front bumper
mud flaps

I may have missed something. most of it has been removed, and the whole bike was painted rattle can flat black... the WHOLE bike.

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Ride off center stand. Hold it down with your foot and pull the bike back and on the stand. When ready to ride just get on and go forward.
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