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Frustrating starting issue....

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I’m trying to help my buddy get his ’82 Wing running so we can take it to Alaska in 2 weeks.

Its very low km’s, around 50K. It started and ran great until we put it in storage. It was well prepped but basically just in a shed. In the spring – no start! Does not even turn over.

We tried a lot of things as you can see from the list below. As I have an ’81 and lots of extra parts we were able to swap batteries, starters etc.

Please review the list of things we tried and any help with the questions at the bottom would be greatly appreciated!

Bike Model - 1982 Honda Goldwing GL1100

Symptom - Does not start. Does not turn over. Starter has been diagnosed as functional.

Starter button tested.
Kill switch tested.
Battery tested - good strength, appropriate power ratings?
Battery switched out with proven good battery.
Tested relay - good
Connections tested.

Full Power to starter – YES

Starter turns if not connected - Yes
Appropriate rating of power to starter? – We believe so
Starter replaced, starter switched with proven good starter. Starter seems to try to turn.

Is there something PAST the starter that would prevent the bike from running? Chain? Starter clutch? Something electrical?

Why on my bike, does it only start if you crack the throttle? Couldsomething like this be the case withVik's bike? Is it some sort of internal electrical issue?
Someone in the forum mentioned dogbones??

Any help is Appreciated!

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I am dealing with a similar problem. I am thinking something to do with the starter clutch.

However, the manual says that issues with the starter clutch usually cause a freely-rotating starter.

The troubleshooting flow-chart says that is the starter turns over slowly and the electrical connections have been tested to be good the next step is to "Test chain, sprocket, and clutch for signs of binding." Unfortunately, this requires the removal of the engine.
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