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I really like on his first post how he spelled out all the steps and results they went through already.

Makes it much easier for us Arm Chair Mechanics to jump in.

Ok Here's Mine.

I had this happen to me just the other day.

Drove me nuts and I lost many hours for a 10 second fix. And I still can't quite believe it worked so well.

Mine happened over night. Started great one day then the next, All I got were clicks.

Then it would start fine, Happened a few more times during the day and I was worried my battery was low. So I charged it when I got home, As we all know that if the Battery is not at top form, starting on these wings suffers first.

I still had trouble, SO I took EVERYTHING apart and cleaned and checked all connections.
And I mean EVERYTHING. It looked like a Tupperware Party Exploded in my Shop.

I did the starter button too, But just a continuity check. Not an Ohms Check.
Starter button checked out good.


After many searches and reading posts and a couple of suggestions from other arm chair mechanics.

I sprayed the starter switch with contact cleaner and it FIXED EVERYTHING.

So a 10 second fix worked for me.

Even though the starter button checked out. It was a different matter under full voltage.

Can't hurt and I hope you are as surprised as I was.

Good Luck

1 - 1 of 29 Posts
Not open for further replies.