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Frustrating starting issue....

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I’m trying to help my buddy get his ’82 Wing running so we can take it to Alaska in 2 weeks.

Its very low km’s, around 50K. It started and ran great until we put it in storage. It was well prepped but basically just in a shed. In the spring – no start! Does not even turn over.

We tried a lot of things as you can see from the list below. As I have an ’81 and lots of extra parts we were able to swap batteries, starters etc.

Please review the list of things we tried and any help with the questions at the bottom would be greatly appreciated!

Bike Model - 1982 Honda Goldwing GL1100

Symptom - Does not start. Does not turn over. Starter has been diagnosed as functional.

Starter button tested.
Kill switch tested.
Battery tested - good strength, appropriate power ratings?
Battery switched out with proven good battery.
Tested relay - good
Connections tested.

Full Power to starter – YES

Starter turns if not connected - Yes
Appropriate rating of power to starter? – We believe so
Starter replaced, starter switched with proven good starter. Starter seems to try to turn.

Is there something PAST the starter that would prevent the bike from running? Chain? Starter clutch? Something electrical?

Why on my bike, does it only start if you crack the throttle? Couldsomething like this be the case withVik's bike? Is it some sort of internal electrical issue?
Someone in the forum mentioned dogbones??

Any help is Appreciated!

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Well, I am having no luck.

I have tried everything...2 starters, 2 batteries (both charged overnight), 2 different relays. I tried ground the starter with a cable. In a fit of frustration I even tried connecting both batteries at once fearing it was low batteries, and that did not help.

Both starters spin on the bench.

Always the same first it makes abit of weak turn motion noise, like it is trying, then just a weird squishy noise, again like it is trying.

It never turns over.

What could cause this to suddenly start? Is it because the "main chain" is so bad?

Again, with this bike it has this weird thing where you have to have the throttle cranked to get it to crank over, (maybe relieves compression?)... is that possibly something electrical?

Missed my departure date for the trip dealing with, needless to say I am not impressed.
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This one is something.

I've never seen insidea GL11 motor so I don't know. Is it possible the starter chain could be off the sprocket inside the motor?
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Doubt it. Again it bump starts easy and, up to 2 days again started ok, not great, but ok.

So my next course of action - filled the best battery with distilled water and charging overnight on a known to be good charger with a charge level guage.

I'll then clean the starter button tomorrow with contact cleaner, as well as the relay.

I'll try to start it normally.

If this fails, I'll jump direct from battery to starter and see if it turns.Again, this starter does turn on the bench. If it doesn't turn then I will go with new brushes which I am hoping I cna find in stock.

If thatfails, new starter. Upon which I will decide whether to sell or not.

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Man, I don't blame you for being extremely frustrated. I do have one more suggestion for you. Since the bike will bump start and run normally, the motor in all likely-hood is fine. What you might try is dumping out a quart of oil and put in a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil. Then bump start the bike and go on a 100 mile ride, gently. The MMO will act like a detergent and maybe will clean up the starter parts inside the motor. The starter clutch and stuff. You need to drain and re-fill the oil after doing this. I don't know if this will help you at all but what the heck, you're at the end of your rope now as it is. If you can't find the MMO, I've heard of using Seafoam to do the same thing. You might do a search on that.

I wish you well.

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If you do go the new brushes in the starter route, pull the armature out and clean it and the innards of the starter as well. Double check that the internal ground connections are secure. Can you test for current draw to the starter, or even if there is a significant voltage drop from the battery to the start relay while you attempt to crank the engine. This thing has got to start eventually...

This is located in the Ref/FAQ section and is for an 1100, but is similar to the 12's... :gunhead:
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Hiya Fellers:

Well an entire of Goldwing repair.

Battery - topped up with distilled water and charged overnight. Load tested and even temporarily replaced with a new good battery at a battery shop.

Start switch - dissassembled and cleaned with contact cleaner, reassembled.

Relay - removed, cleaned and new fuse.

Major engine ground - filed cleaned and re installed.

ALL contact surfaces filed, cleaned and contact cleaned.

Starter - re and re'd about 5 times. Cleaned etc a few times. FInnnnally got the new brushes and that did seem to help alot. It now at least turns over.....

I think the battery was drained during the day of all of those trials so it is now on trickle charge again.....

I am now 24 hours past dpearture time for the trip....

I'm thinking bmw GS....

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How are your cables? to test them try by passing them using jumper cables. If your solenoid is working it should transfer the 12v pos, to the starter when the start button is pushed. A badly corroded cable either from the battery to the solenoid, or the solenoid to the starter will have too much Resistance to transfer the power.using the jumper cable will tell you if you have a bad one. You're real close keep lookin.,,
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I am dealing with a similar problem. I am thinking something to do with the starter clutch.

However, the manual says that issues with the starter clutch usually cause a freely-rotating starter.

The troubleshooting flow-chart says that is the starter turns over slowly and the electrical connections have been tested to be good the next step is to "Test chain, sprocket, and clutch for signs of binding." Unfortunately, this requires the removal of the engine.
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most of the time when the starter clutch does not lock up and turn the engine over. it squeals . becuase the rollers are not locking up. this can be cuared most of the time by giveing the engine oil a good dose of sea foum. do not over fill the engine oil. fallow with a 100 or so easey miles and a oil and filter change while still warm. this gets a lot of build up off the clutch (sprag clutch) rollers.
hope this saves pulling the engine.

this is a respons to the above.
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