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Fuel Flowing Out Of GL1500 Air Vent Control Valve

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I just picked up a 1990 GL1500SE that the owner could not get running after it had not run for over 4 years. It was a easy trouble shoot and got it running but fuel is flowing out of the Air Vent Control Valve. I am planning on pulling the carbs but does anyone know what is causing this?
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3 things come to mind… most likely a mis-routed vent hose off the carbs or maybe a plugged/filled charcoal canister. Maybe mis-adjusted float valves… being too rich. But that should cause a really BAD running engine.
+1 Very symptomatic of a sunken float or a blown' needle/seat in one or both carbs.
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Here are some posts on this.

Be sure and post replies here concerning this to keep all the info together as to what has transpired on the Carb issues and not cause confusion by starting new posts each time. (Save this in your favorites)
Use Randakk's kits or genuine Honda parts, so you don't have problems from the cheap kits.
Thanks All

Thanks for all your input, it has got me going in a direction I was feeling was the issue but needed to tap some experience from you all. Much appreciated! When it gets down to it a carb is a carb with the same basics, sometimes all the hoses and California emissions junk cause a person to out think the issue.

I am quite sure what I have going is a stuck float or needle valve keeping the float from doing its job. It is interesting to me that if a float or needle valve sticks that the fuel would be expelled from a valve located on the side of the bike and run all over hot exhaust pipes! Yikes! The amount of fuel that flows out of the side of the Air vent control valve is considerable (1 gal. per 7-8 min.) and seems also to point to an open (stuck) needle valve. I am going to try to shake loose the valve with a medium frequency vibration on the side of the carbs, if that fails then I will need to remove them and go through them which is probably the best thing anyway.
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Problem Solved!

A few gentle taps on the side of the carbs upper flange with a small hammer shook the needles loose. The gas stopped flowing out of the air vent control almost immediately. :)
Sounds like Seafoam time and new filter. You might not have to touch the carbs if it runs good.
Due to it being a new to you bike one other thing to check would be the fuel pump. If the PO installed an incorrect one it might cause your problem. Simple and cheap test.

Test fuel pump pressure and flow per manual. Our library pictures are gone and cannot post how-to page for attachment. Someone else may be up to speed on that.
can we talk - I have same issue ... on my 97 CA model ... 909 336 2232 11am/12 noon PST work buddy ? - just need 3-5 to send me in the right direction ... the CAP is OFF my valve ... did your pop off as well ? - or isn't there a cap suppose to be on it ? or ? - thanks sooooooooooo much Captain Dave -retired
pls10 at hotmail
The CA EVAP system is for fuel vapor management and is not designed to handle raw fuel so if large amounts of liquid fuel are leaking that is another problem. EVAP valves are not user serviceable and if broken/missing parts they need replacement.

Which is why they tell you not to top off your cars fuel tank as it can flood the system causing a CK ENGINE light. Over filling your bike though is not the likely problem but rather flooding carbs from float/valve issues.
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