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Gas octane, GL1100

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Any body know what is the lowest octane rating you can use in a 1982 GL1100I or can you run ethanol in that old of bike with out messing up the carburetors The reason I'm asking is the company that delivers petroleum products to the state I live in is dropping the octane rating from 87 percent to 84 percent or will I have to run an additive. Thanks
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Youi shoudl be fine you'll just loose gas mileage..
I have always run the plain ol 87 octane regular with no problems. You should use the lowest octane that does not cause any knocking/pre ignition. Not usually an issue on these fairly low compression engines. I have even used 85 octane when it was the regular in high altitude states.
The thing you want to be careful about ethanol is letting it sit in your tank for a long period of time it will break down and at play havoc on your fuel system, so as for the octane I do t think 84 will hurt a ything other than fuel mileage
I got better MPG with regular than with premium when I tested it. Of course, that was in my 1500 though.
Are there any natural rubber fuel lines on your bike? Ethanol may damage them.

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I don't think the fuel hose's have been changed at least I didn't I know the fuel filter was . I don't like nor do I want to run that crap in the bike or my diesel pickup all I am concerned about is if the bike will operate on 84% octane or will I have to put some kind of additive in to raise the octane percentage.
Thanks Tater
As long as the low octane doesn't create a knock in the engine your good
Is there an octane booster on the market that works I know there's a lot of junk out there .But I afraid that 84% just isn't going to work and ethanol over time will destroy the O rings in the carburetors I look forward herring from all of you.
Thanks Tater
In many states you don't have a choice of whether you want to use ethanol or not. It's been mandated by our brilliant leaders for no good reason other than getting the farm and ADM vote. 84 octane won't hurt anything. I know several people who have been running ethanol (10%) with no problem other than a reduction in mileage and a little less power. That's because ethanol has less BTUs per volume than gasoline. So far none that I know have had a problem with the rubber parts in the carbs. If your state is like Oregon you probably can still buy 93 octane w/o that damn alcohol.
Even the 93 octane has ethanol unless yo opt for the much more pricey 'clear' premium offered at many stations. Otherwise all three grades are ethanol polluted.
I have never yet had an issue related to ethanol as far as fuel lines or anything. But then I rarely let anything sit still much.
Same here, 82 1100, 88 1500, 95 1500, no Ethanol problems here.
I can get NO Ethanol gas in a Premium High Oct. and tried it, bikes run better on the low oct. E10 stuff for me.

I buy no ethanol gas in regular at times when I can get it. Not that much difference though compared to E10 and no savings when figuring the higher price compared to the couple MPG you may gain, or may not.

Toss in just about 2oz of TC-W3 rated outboard 2 cycle oil per tank of gas and you may see higher MPG and also have a better smoother running engine as well as help fight off any Ethanol concerns.
On my 88 I got about 3mpg more with it, my 95 I can't tell yet as I have not made the same constant trips for accurate testing like I did with 88 and also the 95 varies allot from 40-42mpg mostly up to 46mpg at times.

Big thread on the forum for the oil.

As far as the 82 1100, I have not been riding it. When I do fire it up and ride to the neighbors house and back it's on the 2 year old E10 I had in it when I parked it about 2 years ago. No problems yet, though about 2 miles is all I been riding it at a time, maybe 2-3 times every 6 months, just to keep it running LOL
Out of gas now, last time I rode it I came in on reserve so time to add fresh gas now.
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Thanks everyone for you're response I appreciate all you're comments on this problem.
Thank You Tater
P.S. You Can't Fix Stupid when it come's right down to it politicians only want to talk when your greasing there hand with GREEN BACKS I'd better not get started we'll be here all night . Thanks My Brothers
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