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Gerbing Heated clothing

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I am selling my Gerbing heated clothing. It came with my Wing, and I have not used it, so it is going. Everything is used but in very good condition, and was all functioning before it was removed from the bike

Gerbing jacket liner--size large. It is snug on me at 210, but fits

Gerbing jacket liner--size large. A bit snugger and would fit either gender

Gerbing pant liner--no size showing but will fit smaller men and most women

Gerbing gloves--Kevlar/thinsulate/Aero Tex---great condition

----Men's size XXXL fit me great

--- Women's size M fit my wife great

Two Gerbing Controllers with wiring.

I am selling for half the average going price, plus shipping costs, which should be quite reasonable via the Post Office.

Liners-----$100 each

Gloves-----$75 pair

Controllers--$30 each

Iwish to sell the gloves and pants liner first, as these are plugged into the jacket liners. Of course they could be part of a whole outfit.

I had photos, but they really don't show much in the way of detail.

Hope this isreasonable.

PM if interested and we can converse via e-mail.

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NO takers?? Is my asking price wrong? Well then, just make me an offer.
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Curious, you live in Nova Scotia but don't use the heated clothing for the bike?
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