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GL 1100 Spark Plug Wire Set

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WTB GL1100 complete set of spark plug wires. Prefer new, OEM, but open to discussion of same. I have found 7mmm copper core, but only in racing colors, like red... I would have to get spark plug and coil ends to fit, does any one have a good idea of where to source?
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No one sells new sets. You just buy the wire, spark plug caps (NGK), reuse the coil end caps, inner metal pin, outer plastic compression sleeve.
Thanks, that is what I was afraid of, but it seems no problem to do it that.
Found the wires on Fleabay for about $12. Didn't see anything bout the pins or caps.
Thanks all, it seems like rebuilding them is really the best way to go forward....
Scott, I will take the speedo and wires, would not mind the stereo box (that holds the stereo) if it is in good shape. My email will be in a PM to you.
That is $2 per foot. Go to Oreilly's auto parts and get 6' @ .69/ft total $4.20 fo the wires

Spark Plug Caps are @$3.72 ea and up doing Google search 4/14.88 plus shipping

Great info. many thanks!

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