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GL 1200i aftermarket exhaust

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I have an 85 GL 1200i. I am thinking of replacing my stock exhaust with a MaC 4-2 aftermarket system. Has anyone used this product? If so, was re-jetting required.

Part of the reason was to get a little better performance and better gas mileage. I had an 81 Virago that when replacing the exhaust and shedding 50 pounds, I also replaced the air box. Had to go three sizes over on the carb jets. Improved gas mileage 5-6 miles per gallon. Stock was 43. Ran consistently at 48 and 49.

I have installed a K&N air filter on the Wing but want to be careful before messing with the exhaust.
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Generally speaking, no jetting is required by simply replacing the exhaust.
I personally don't know of anyone that has had a measurable change in fuel economy or performance.
What mileage are you getting? Is there anything wrong with your stock exhaust?
i use the mac slip-ons,which are just from the headers back,only slightly louder than stock,good performance and no jetting was required,i get about 42-46 normally around town and about 38 at 70-75 on a trip
definitely a large weight savings over stock may help too
Thanks for the replies. Stock system is getting very loud and has some rust on the left side pipe. Mileage with me solo has been between 44 and 47. Two up and loaded about 42-44. I would expect a weight savings.

Thank you. If I do it I will change the headers, too with the Mac 4-2 system. Doesn't look terribly difficult.
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