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GL 1500- odd noise when cooling down

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Hi there. Not had my 1997 1500SE very long but I've noticed that it makes a strange noise when the engine's off and it's cooling down......odd to describe but its a bit like a "groaning" noise (it's not me - honest!) that lasts about a second or two and is repeated about every 10 seconds for quite a few minutes after switch off.
Something to do with air moving around the cooling system perhaps? Anything to be concerned about?
Thanks in anticipation.
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I though I read something here a while back about gas boiling after a long run with low fuel left in the tank..
Clogged vent to gas tank?
Its the scaviging valve in the center of the radiator cap seal. Alowing antifreez back into the cooling system frome the resivor
Your fuel tank is slightly pressurized in order to prevent fuel spills in case of the unthinkable laying it on it's side.

When you shut down the engine heat warms the fuel tank and it must vent.

So just go into Dairy-queen, have your Ice-cream and forget about it.:ROFL:
To prove it is the petrol cap just loosen it off after a run to let air into the tank then listen for the noise.
Mine does the same thing and has for the last 7 years I have had it.

Kinda neat seeing people faces when they hear it.

I just laugh and say, Don't get too close...

Next time it happens, open the gas tank and see if it stops. If it does stop you have your answer.
John J and Larry hit the nail on the head. Mine does the same thing. Open the gas cap, sound is gone.
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