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GL 1500 problems

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I need HELP... I REPLACED ALL FUSE IN 98 GL1500 Then I lost all lights?
???: I tried to rewire the fan motors to a switch. The thought was that in heavy traffic I could make the fans come on manually. This caused the bike to run hot. Got the right side fan running. bike runs hot and burps. I replace all fuses to original specification. No detectable leak. Left fan motor and all lights not working.
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You should have spliced into the fan switch wire, that way you will be able to switch both fans on and off.
Switching a ground to the fans would've worked for the fan bit...

Is it safe to asume that you did something else (like provide +12V switched)?

"all lights" on a 1500 is quite a load, and generally would indicate that the bike isn't running (like battery fully disconnected from the bike) -- There's quite a few different "light" circuits. It may help to take a step back and try a few tests to see where things stop:
* FIRST What model of the 1500 is your '98 (SE, Interstate?)
* Does the bike start and run ? (sounds like it, you mention hot an burping)
* Before you crank the starter, with the key in the RUN position do any of the dash indictors light?
* Does the horn honk?
* With the sidestand down, do you get the Side Stand dash indicator?
* Do your brakelights work?
* How about the 4-way hazard flashers (do they work)?
* Can you get an "N"eutral indicator lamp ?

These may help to narrow things down -- I'd suggest removing the fan switch (if it indeed does work with the +12v side of things) just to make getting your bike back to how it ought'a be easier.
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