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GL 82 gas tank problems

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Hi fellows,

Last year I did a gasket and timing belt change on a bike I bought to make it functional.
Although it run well enough, it was not perfect.

I made the mistake of removing some carbon from the cylinder heads. Now I am taking them out again and sending them to a shop for a valve re-sit. Plus some carburetor job is needed.

Every time I hit half tank it will act as it run off gas.
I took the peacock off the tank and the rubber pipes seems clogged, plus the gas tank is full of debris.

I read it might the fuel pump as well, since this happens every time the gas in the tank goes more or less at the level of the peacock. But definitely the pipes were clogged and tank dirty. So lets start there.

I decided to take the tank out and I am now in the middle of an almost dis-assembled bike.

Now the tank part. After unbolting and disconnecting all things around, the manual says lift-it. Yeah sure, there's no way it will go through the frame to the sides or up. As I see it the only way is taking the rear wheel off as well and removing it from the back.

Is this right? or is any better way to clean the tank and pipes?

And by the way. Any tip on cleaning the pipes inside the tank? the servicing cap is way to small for any tool to go in.

Thank you!
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Yep, out the back and the wheel, drive, & battery holder has to come off as do the shocks well at least lose so you can move them out of the way..It's tight I have used a rubber mallet to get it started if your carbs are out swing at the front..rear brake master and caliper too if I remember correctly..lots of fun.

Lots of threads on cleaning and sealing..I've done four..acid wash, POR15 sealer..but electrolysis works too or some radiator shops will boil it out..and plate..but the screens inside need to stay clean..

Search for threads lots of detailed info.
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