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Hi gents!

I'm new to this forum, but I've taken advantage of all the info in it for my current project (rebuilding a 76 GL1000's engine into a performance engine, and then performing a "heart transplant"), and to troubleshoot small problems on my main ride (75 GL1000 turned into a cafe racer).
While I figure out a way to split the /$%$/"% cases, I'm working on some performance mods. I've already shipped my cams to get them ground, I got a set of Weber 40idf carbs (which I'll be adjusting once all is done), I've welded together some decent intake manifolds, and I'm running some straight pipes with baffers as exhausts.

I now want to do some porting work on the heads. I don't have a flow bench, so I won't go all crazy on them, but I've read a lot on porting, and I identified a few areas that could need some work:

1) Port matching: Not much needs to be done, but the custom manifolds aren't perfectly matched. 0 risk

2) Work to the valve guide and surrounding area: I want to make it slightly thinner (like a wing shape), and slightly enlarge the tunnel surrounding it (see picture below) (also it's dirty as hell, I'll clean everything up!)


3) Eliminate what seems to be valve shrouding under the intake valve (see picture)


4) Do a 3 angle valve job with some Neway style cutters

Are the areas I identified worth working on? Keep in mind that I do it mostly for fun. Also, (especially for those who did it before), will working on those areas (especially areas 2 and 3) put me at risk of piercing a cooling channel and scrapping the heads? Should I be super conservative or forego areas 2 and 3 altogether?

Thank you all!
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