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First year engine 1975 parts, My ex is soon to be depriving me of garage space need to make room. Spare motor came with my bike, keeping bike (1977).Have been disassembled long timebutstored in heated garage, all parts will clean very nice and good shape (visually).I don't know mileage off motor but everything is real clean.Parts I have are:

1. Carb rack complete (pulled bowls and theyare clean) 755a Models really nice

2. Starter $35.00

3. Cases (block) cyls bores look clean no scratches excessive wear $35.00 (shipping is going to be $$$)

4. Crank (bearing races look fine) $25.00

5. Pistons/rods $10.00

6. Transmission gears (look fine)

7.Cylinder Heads $15.00

8. looks likemost internal engine parts

9.Top of fork clamp (triple clamp) $10.00

10. misc. electrical items other engine parts ask if something not listed and I will check and see if I have.

11. Stator / Cover / Flywheel $25.00

I have to sell these I just have no space, I think bike will be under tarp outside till my situation changes, but this storage won't work for disassembled engine. Not looking to get rich from these parts, but my lawyer says she is trying to get rich off me.

Let me know I am in Seattle.
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