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gl1000 got crazy

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Hello goldwing lovers

I have been reading this forum for a while and it has been very helpfull to me as I am restoring an Gl 1000 LTD (1976)

Now that everything is in place I have a problem that I seem unable to resolve:

Tha bike starts perfectly but missfires at low rpm.

When this happens the engine goes crazy, it goes up to 5000 rpm by itself.

When turning the "idle screw" down it suddenly stops.

When I start it again it goes up high revs again but comes down by itself to aprox 1000 rpm until it missfires and goes crazy again.

I don' t know what to do or where to search for the problem.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help

Regards from a sunny Spain
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Welcome to the forum! You didn't say if you already did any work on the carbs, so for now I suggest you look for vacuum leaks and check around the manifolds for leaks.
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Hi and thanks for the quick answer.

You are right i forgot to tell what I have done:

New timing belts, valves done, carburators cleaned.

I have to check if the timing is right, but I believe it is. Do I need to remove the radiator to check??

Havingsaid that i must add that i might have reversed the cables at the points (should not affect or??)

I have started the engine without the airfilter box and obviuosly without the filter itself.
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if you've already done the belts you should know you'll have to pull the rad to check the timing again at least the marks on the gears. :shock:but if it starts easy and runs smooth your timming is probaly ok. you more likely have a vacuume leak somewhere as stated above. did you sync the carbs when you cleaned and rebuilt?:?
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The problem may be the air cut off valve located on top of the plenum. Disconnect and block off the hoses to it and see if the problem is solved.
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i cleaned my carbs on my 77 and didnt replace the o rings on the intake and it would idal eraticly because of the vacume it would be fine one minute then i would ride a lil and it would be way high and sometimes it would go way low
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Definitely sound like an o-ring or gasket leak...
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I was having pretty much the same issue on my 75. I had the carbs off at least 5 times trying to fix it. Then I was reading on Randakk's site this article :

What it basically says is change your timing slightly to compensate for cam wobble and to set your points to the maximum opening, The books says 0.012" - 0.016 most people split the difference and set it for 0.014, this article says set them for 0.016.

I tried this and suddenly no more idle issues. :clapper:

Hope this helps.

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This also sounds like the carbs are way out of sync.Also possibly the throttle cables should be checked for over taughtness.
With bad syncronization you will be chasing the high low rpms thinking its some other problem.

Two or 3 carbs may be set well enough to idle but one or two may be way too far from a position to help out until you crack the throttle.So naturally you compensate by messing with the idle screw or mixture screw which is not the answer.

In order to get a perfect idle with crisp throttle response you may need to look into a carb sync tool.
If this is not your problem,
disregard this post.

Cheers fron the Rainforests of Western Washington State
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Does it have the original ignition system. You also need to check the points, set them at .016, my 75 runs it's best there
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Edit: Source information correction......thanks RW :)
Top Honda GL1000 Carburetor Rebuilding Mistakes[/b]
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Thanks to all of you.

I have done the work following the instructions (not all but many) and found several small problems :

- Two cracked manifolds

- Several damaged Orings

- A butterfly installed upside down

- A butterfly axle damaged

- And a few air intakes here and there.

After solving theese the bike is much much better but still revs high at start (3500) for a few seconds (15-20) and then goes down to normal idle.

So I am still working on it.

But thank you for you help.

I am really grateful.

I am attaching a pic of the bike almost finished, hope you enjoy it




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