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GL1000 New Water Pump leaking ??

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I replaced my water pump last week with a new OE unit. It leaked (dripped, out the weep hole) immediately upon starting, perhaps 20 drops, then slowed, eventually stopped when the engine warmed up. Repeated this process several times. Then it appeared to finally stop leaking altogether. Took it for a couple rides, no leakage. Sitting in the garage this week, dripping again, not running, ever so slowly..I'm sure I have all o-rings in place properly, I've done this job twice before successfully. It would have to be the shaft seal(s) on the water pump leaking (from old age, dried up?) , correct? Or could it be the o-ring that surrounds the water pump body, got pinched during install? There's no cross contamination of water/oil, just this annoying (frustrating) slow drip from the weep hole...anyone have this problem with new water pump replacement? Should I have lubed (rejuvenated) the shaft seal(s) with a shot of WD40 before install?

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Without removing everything you are pretty much guessing as to what the problem is. That being said, the most common reason for leakage after a water pump change is a rolled o ring when sliding the water pump back into the housing. I wouldn't think the shaft seals on a new water pump would leak but stranger things have happened. It never hurts to do a little squirt with wd40. You just have to make sure all o rings are seated correctly and all surfaces are clean. I have only done a couple of water pump changes, one on my bike and a couple of friends. I can see it being rather easy to roll the big o ring when sliding the pump into the housing. Let us know what you find.
I have done this a half dozen times and found one pump body to be slightly out of round. I found it after installing it three times and had a leak each time. I finally checked it with a caliper and found it to be ever so slightly oblong; chunked it. I think it may have been an aftermarket pump.
Leak may have been self-inflicted...

I disassembled the front cover, every o-ring was still in perfect place, including water pump o-rings, BUT me thinks in my well intentioned effort to remove corrosion in the bore the water pump sits in, I removed too much meat with a drill-powered cup brush...So waiting on an E-bay replacement front cover to arrive, hopefully hasn't been "reamed out" already. I also checked the new water pump for roundness (appears to be, thanx Joe) will caliper, & carefully checked for vacuum in it's weep hole (seals appear to be holding tight). I don't think the new water pump is at fault (I apologize to you, Mother Honda)..

this saga will continue next weekend..
(the hardest repairs are always more fun the second time around, dumba**)
Did you have a close look at the big O ring? More than one owners has damaged that O ring when fitting the pump.
Did you get the new unit from a dealer? I ask because I see sellers online that claim 'OE', but it would be real easy to fake the Honda packaging.

I've owned 2 Goldwings ,a '76 and a '82. The '76 I bought new and after 3 or 4 years I noticed it would drip during the cold of winter. But never in the warmer months. My '82 I bought used with no history of maintenance. It to would slightly drip during the winter. I take that to mean contraction of the metal parts causes this, because when the bikes were started and warmed up. the drips would stop. I never had any contamination with oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil. I would always look when I went in the garage for the drips and in cold weather they were there. When it got warm they were not. Don't let it make you crazy.,,
Yep, the large o-ring was still in perfect place, & yep, is an O.E. pump from a local Honda dealer (not cheap!)..
pretty sure it will turn out to have been my over-zealous "cleaning & prep" of the water pump cover "bore"...the new pump sits in there pretty "sloppy" without the o-ring in place; will compare to the "new" cover when it arrives..

leak was self-inflicted after all.. I replaced the front cover with a different one & the new water pump, everything is drip at all..was my over-zealous "cleaning" of the water pump bore in the housing all along...
Valuable lesson learned here..easy with those power tools...
thank you all,
Congrats on finding the problem, that's why I always find it best to hand clean things without machine help
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