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I am trying to get a 4-Gauge Meter Panel properly connected on my 1983 GL650 Silver Wing Interstate. This is the same meter panel designed for the GL1100 Interstate and Aspencade. (All three bikes have the same fairing so all Hondaline accessories interchange.)

Here's a pic of the meter panel.


I have the sub-wiring harness G necessary to connect the voltmeter and clock, but I can't figure out how to route the thick black cable for the ambient temperature gauge and where the sensor on the end of it is supposed to be mounted.

Here's a pic of the wires on the back.


All the wires from the gauges are pushed through a hole behind this meter panel and into the inside of the fairing.

That works for all the bullet connectors since they connect to the wiring harness inside the fairing. But, that doesn't work for the thick temperature gauge cable and sensor. Once its inside the fairing there is no hole in the bottom of the fairing to get it back out and exposed to the outside air. Plus, if you did somehow get it out of the fairing, where does it mount?

(I'm starting to wonder if its supposed to be mounted inside the fairing so that it's exposed to air coming in one of the two air vents routed through the fairing.)

If someone with this setup on their bike would please look at it and let me know where and how it mounts, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for any help!

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It is supposed to mount under the front of the fairing on the lower lip. Can't remember where it went through, probably have to drill a hole.
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