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GL1100, Eliminate 15lbs

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Putting my 83 together. Picked up the fairing last night and was suprised at how heavy it seemed. Took out all the radio stuff. Weighed it today and found I have reduced the weight by 15lbs. That does not include speakers.
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I probably would have left the radio in if it was working. 15lbs more isn't a big deal for an 1100 Wing to pull.
Good move sparrow. I pulled the radio amp tapedeck out of my 80 1100 and tossed it into the nearest dumpster. I thought about saving it and trying to sell it but had better thoughts and chucked it.
Had the same question tonight with my 82 Aspy. Radio is coming out... Probably doesn't work anyway.
Removing that much weight
up front will cause serious effects
like lifting the front end on acceleration.
aka: Wheelie
I found a rather cheap USB player, $24 (hong kong)
It'e total weight, with the pen drive, a harrrh* over 1 pound.

(* from "The Furnature Guys")
if you people (or any one else) are tossing type 2 radio stuf , toss it my way. at least i`ll pay potage for it. just pm me.
thanks wda-83wing (wayne )
gentle bump
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