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gl1100 exhaust note change???-my lucky day

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Okay, today on my trip home from work, I started noticing a different sound frome behind me....sounded really like wheel bearing "humming". This was cruising in 5th gear @ 55-60 MPH. I pulled in the clutch, let the engine idle, and rhe noise went away.Good, not drivetrain noise.

Continued home, bike ran well but just didnt feel right and the noise stayed there. It sounded like the engine was "hunting" but was pretty faint, hard to hear really. I kept looking at my tach and RPMs seemed to stay rock solid..hmmmmm....

Anyway, I made it home (thank you Lord) and when I got stopped, I put it in neutral and revved it 3 times and heard a SNAP!!!! and my throttle tube now has no resistance.
Im sure my pull cable broke but am wondering if the "different" exhaust tone was the cable about to go or something else ...will find out after I change my cables.

This bike was new to me that I got roadworthy late last year. Its an 82 Standardstate.(standard which I made an Interstate). I did the belts, brakes, tires, forks, carbs, blah, ah, blah.......but it looks like I stopped too soon

I got lucky, but anyone reading this reviving your old 'Wing, do yourself a favor and change your throttle cables.:bow:
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Ok, throttle cables changed with Motion Pro brand cables. Went well, no snags, no binding, throttle response is great....
And the different "noise/tone" is gone so it must have been related......
Now, I better change my clutch cable soon for peace of mind.
Happy 'Winging!!! Doug
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