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GL1100 final drive change

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Hello out there over the ocean...

For three weeks now I own a nice old naked '81 GL1100. Very happy with the new experience of smooth riding :)

The only downer: I find the engine rpm a little bit high for an 1100 bike... A view in the technical data on the web and here in the treads show me Honda has changed the final drive ratio from '82 to '83 by app. 10%.

And - a guy here in Germany sells an '83 final drive for a reasonable price. So my question: Does this '83 final drive fit my '81 wing? I know Honda has changed wheel size (and also rim type from famous old Comstar to cast aluminum). Has anybody done this conversion already?

Would be happy about any helpful answer!

Best greetings from rainy Germany...

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Not going to help you any. The differences are in the transmission, inside the engine. The differences in the final drive ratio is 3.091 versus 3.100. Nothing at all to make a difference.

The majority of the differences lies in the 5th gear, and the secondary reduction gearing.
Thank you, that helped my to find my mistake: In German technical data they talk about a change from 0,973 to 0,897 in the "Sekundärübersetzung" which normally translates to final drive ratio. But they seem to mean the secondary gear ratio which of course is in the gearbox, exactly as you said.

So, no chance...

Thank you for quick reply!
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