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ok so first off hi. :)
ive got a 83 gl1100 aspencade with everything but a title and a 76 gl1000 with full vetter bags, trunk, and windjammer with a title.
im not sure which to keep, what to sale etc. i find the gl1100 more comfy and i like the wheels. but the 76 has that sweet faux tank with the fuel gauge in it.
im thinking all keep all the fairings and mash the two bikes together, ive heard the gl1000 cams really wake up the 1100 and the tire options are better for the 83 as well.

if given the choice what parts would you use, what parts would you ebay, and why?
obviously id like to use the frame from the 76 since it has the title.
any help would be great. thanks
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