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:clapper: Welcome to the best forum. I just purchased an 83 Aspencade that sat for 2 years. It too ranpoorly. Adding to what others have said, I would suggest the following.

Timing Belts, and at the same time radiator flush, new hoses and coolant. Double check the water pump for signs of leaks. If so, replace it. Make sure you use the special Silicate free coolant.

Carb rebuilds, recommend Honda kits or be careful what you get on the Internet. I wasted $80.00 in kits that all the o rings were wrong. Honda kits were twice the cost but the parts were right. When doing carbs, there are stops for the jets. My mechanic used a grinder to them to allow more adjustment. Others may have a comment on that. Clean the gas tank before doing the carbs and install a good fuel filter.

New filters, oil, plugs, etc.

Check front fork seals and brakes front and rear. Change brake fluid.

New tires.

If the rust isn't too bad, Mothers polish and a buffer along with some hard work can get it shined up. If not, check E-bay for parts.

Lube cables, make adjustments, put your own personalize accessories on it, give it a wax job and go have fun.
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