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GL1100 resto-mod build thread

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I inherited this bike from my late grandfather, and it needs a little bit of work to be roadworthy again. Primary objective is rebuilding the carbs, along with fresh fluids and filters throughout. Next up is a thorough brake inspection, new battery, and tires.

I'm not one to leave well enough alone, so I've already got a few modifications planned.

smooth recover, or a brat style, can't decide. Needs to be a 2-up though. Sissy bar is as good as gone.

whitewall maybe?

ditching the turn signals, thinking lucas style w/ plate bracket on the fender

repaint white or black, ditching the fairing and trunk bag, silver wheels, GL1000 chrome fenders shortened up

new bracket to mount the clocks lower, toss the warning light cluster in favor of something integrated into the false gas tank

repolish the pipes, can the cans, turndown tips

shorter rear shocks, straighter bars (2" rise/2" pullback), fresh fork seals and drop them through the clamps an inch or two

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What a great thread! I will be watching this one closely. Keep posting the pics too. Good luck. :clapper:
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