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GL1100 Soda Blasting Carbs

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I've got some really dirty carbs. The outside surfaces are badly discolored. I found a post on other web sites that suggest soda blasting is a good way to clean them.

Have you used this method on your carbs?

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I've used it on engine covers but not on carbs. It does a great job of removing engine paint. I've read on the SOHC4 forum that carbs don't turn out all that pristine. I would like to find a method that makes carbs look new too.
Years ago, I used to buy some stuff from NAPA in 5 gallon pails just for soaking carbs & other parts. It did a heck of a good job, but it was highly caustic. If any got on your skin, it would start to burn in less than 10 minutes. I usually rinsed them off in my parts washer, which had some kind of solvent in there. I did a lot of cager carbs that were just nasty, and they came out looking new. There was also a basket for small parts that came in the pail. Great stuff! I wish I could remember the name of it, but I'm sure they can help if you get a conversation going.

Truth is, I don't know if you can still GET the stuff, what with the EPA making new regulations like, every day. If you can, I think you'll be amazed at how well it loosens stubbornd, baked on crud, stains, and paint. Even softened that hard stuff that collects in jets and other small holes. If you're dealing with oxidized (white) aluminum or rust however, this stuff didn't do so well. :waving:
Walmart carries the soaking type of carb. cleaner you are talking about. If not there any auto parts place usually has the stuff in one gallon containers.
I've done the soda blasting on my carbs, exterior and interior parts. Does a good job, however there is one drawback. Baking soda gets everywhere. If you could find a way to contain the mess would be great. Harbor Freight has some sort of device but I haven't checked it out though.
It's called Carburetor Cleaner with dipping basket. Comes in 5 gal and 1 gal sizes. Oh...I work for NAPA. We have it in stock.
Used to do this all the time at my previous job. We had a blast cabinet the used only soda. Worked very well , on the older stuff even brought back that greenish hue. I would recommend it.
the carb cleaner from napa works ok, but is nowhere as good as what used to be sold,have several gals of it but theres no way it can be shipped anywheres
got mine from a snap-on dealer years ago $75 for a 8 gal tub,impossible to get now,unless you know someone with a chrome shop
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