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Gentle please...?!

Tough crowd here...
The poor dude is looking for help & some information to lead him toward a resolution of a percieved problem

My 1980 GL1100 also runs fine -- but not really..
Mine seems to run a little rich and starts a bit hard but once it's warmed up it purrs like a kitten with plenty of power..
BUT - It only deleivers 35 MPG which I think is poor and the exhaust pipe tips are a slight bit dark almost like sooty...

I KNOW a carb rebuild is in my very near future...A good clean out and new orings should help a lot..then set the idle misture properly and finally a carb synch after the bench synch was done while cleaning...I own an Ultrasonic cleaner and a bucket of carb dip so I know what I will be doing soon...

But not everyone has acquired this wisdom to kow what to do next..mcrowdus...your carbs need attention. A good cleaning and rebuild ...the mechanic you are using may be taking some shortcuts that do noet lead to a complete job...but he was right about one thing....the Wing NEEDED to be run more (instead of sitting for 2 years) ...

A complete carb tune up shold help a lot and check the acuum hoses too while you have it all apart... I am not an expert by any means..but that is where I would start...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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