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GL1100 starter clutch prob?

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I experienced a new major problem yesterday.
Going down Interstate my bike started making noise and bogged down for few secs. then quit.
Went through drive thru and it started again, was starter spinning all of a sudden, had to shut it off to order food, then starter no longer runs.
Managed to push down incline and got it started and starter was not spinning so drove on to work, on way it did it again for maybe 5 secs, bogging down while it spun starter. Had to push start from work at end of night to get it home, but it didn't do it at all on ride home. Checked this morning, can hear solenoid click but no starter. Assuming the starter clutch has failed miserably, has anybody else experienced this ? I know I am gonna have to pull motor to change starter clutch, hope that will fix problem. Any other idea guys? People here have always steered me right when it comes to getting running again.

All help appreciated
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I doubt it's the starter clutch.
More likely to be a bad starter relay which has burnt up your starter by running it for extended periods.
when starter winds up engaged it bogged motor down, should not be able to do that with starter clutch working properly. At first start of year the clutch was not engaging until I bumped by rolling and put into gear to move engine, after that I was able to get started. The clutch should hold away from starter by centrifugal force once running. At least that is what I understood from reading forums here. I talked to a bike mechanic today who said sounds like my clutch is coming apart.
A buddy just had very similar symptoms on a Suzuki GS500. The starter basically detonated internally. Before pulling the motor I would definitely pull the start off and open it up. I wouldn't be the lest bit surprised if when you pull the starter you find a can of shrapnel.

When they come apart internally, the brushes can short to ground, which would cause a huge current draw. That current draw would pull power away from the ignition system causing the engine to bog or even stall.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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