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GL1100A 1982 remove air system completely

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Looking to strip my aspencade of the air system in favor of an all-progressive, non-air setup - front and rear. What does this take to accomplish? Specifically on the forks... shocks, just need to get new shocks and remove the wiring/tubing for the air system. But the forks, can I just replace the air caps with non-air caps? Or are there valves that need replacing inside the forks?
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before I start I have no experience of this on mine.
The rear is easy as you may have already worked out. Many who have done this have regreted it. As far as this is concerned try it but leave yourself room to revert if you decided too.

Now the front. As far as I am aware they are not linked to the brakes in a anti dive system! If this be true then you could run the current forks without air.

I have read here that most who ride solo run without air anyway in the front and prefer it that way. Also this is linked to a change of fork oil from standard fork oil to ATF or automatic transmission fluid.
Try a search on this forum and read others experiences which I have sort of summerised here.

Good luck and of course post any thing you discover on this thread for others to read and inspire them.
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Your best bet to remove the air system is to simply plug off the outlets or cap the hoses. That way when you realize you may have made a mistake, or the next owner does, it can be reversed in quick order

I have converted my rears to Progressive springs, but left the hose and fitting on. I find that a setting of about 35 psi really makes the bike ride nice.

I will be putting Progressive springs in the front forks next week and will leave the air system connected so it can assist if needed.
For the forks, do nothing except change the springs to Progressive and the oil. Progressive recommends 20wt and that is what I use and like the ride. Put the caps and air hose back in place but don't add air. I haven't had air in mine since I converted to Progressive. For the shocks, you will have to ground the sensor wire to make the warning light stay off. If you have chosen 412's (coil over) and leave the bags in place, they are almost impossible to adjust the preload but it can be done. I think a better choice is the 416's (air shocks) I use 35lbs when solo and what ever is needed when riding two up. You can remove the air pump from the faux tank and toss it but you will have to replace the faux tank lid as the one you have has a large hole in it.
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