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I bought a GL1100 interstate that sat in a garage for 5 years aperantly with fuel in it. The carbs were cleaned. It starts and runs but goes through the fuel something bad! Blows whitish bluesmoke telling me it is getting way too much fuel. A rebuild of the carbs is going to cost about $500.000 at the dealer. It there an injection conversion that I could install instead? I am not a 'carb man' from past experience thus hesitant to rebuild them myself. Any ideas?
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Second, most guys that are running single carb conversions have done it themselves and had a pretty good idea what they were doing. So my advice is "not until you know more."

So that leaves rebuilding your carbs yourself.
There are numerous documents and booklets and even a video of how to do it. Its not as hard as you think.

It IS time consuming the first time or two but after that its a breeze. Just take your time and do just one carb at a time and don't mix the parts. Make sure you set the floats properly which is really easy. Make sure you don't pinch any of the rubber rings and seals and you should do fine. Again just take your time and do it twice and you'll do fine.

When you have them reinstalled, you will need to vacuum synchronize them. Again there are lots of threads here, documents and advice you can read for yourself.

Myself when it comes to gauges or sticks, I'm a sticks man. but I could use gauges, I have both. I just find reading the sticks easier.

Of course your problem may NOT be carbs. it could be a leaking exhaust, or a fuel leak someplace or some other problem entirely. So check out everything else before you decide to rebuild your Carbs. If it isn't carbs then you will have just wasted your time.

Do the diagnostics first!

Who cleaned your carbs and how did they do it?
What did they use?
Did they just run some cleaner through it or did they take them off and do it right?

I would not only talk to a mechanic, but join the local goldwing chapter and I'll bet donuts to coffee that there are a few riders there that used to have a GL1100 and can offer you free advice.

Buy a Goldwinger a cup of coffee and I'll bet they'll regale you with stories. LOL.... I take mine with sugar.

If you need more, just PM me and I'll tell you whatever I can. I've rebuilt mine 4 or 5 times now and I've gotten pretty good at it.
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