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GL1200 and GL1500 EBC Brake pads info

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I have done some checking and being the guy that wants to know he is getting the correct parts when buying on the internet, I have listed below the applications for the FA69/3 EBC brake pads.

Make & Model--------------------------------- Year----------- Organic Pads / Shoes Front---------- Organic Pads / Shoes Rear
Please note - * indicates that two sets are required
GL 1200/1200 I/ 1200 A (5mm rotor) Goldwing--- 84-85------------- FA69/3*------------------------------- FA69/3
GL 1200 L (10mm rotor) Goldwing--------------- 85-----------------FA69/3* ------------------------------FA69/3
GL 1200 I Goldwing (5mm rotor)----------------- 86-87-------------FA69/3*-------------------------------FA69/3
GL 1200 A/SEi Goldwing (10mm rotor)----------- 86-87--------------FA69/3* ------------------------------FA69/3
GL 1500 Goldwing All models --------------------88-89--------------FA124/2* -----------------------------FA69/3
GL 1500/1500 SE/A/I Goldwing------------------90-00--------------FA124/2*------------------------------FA69/3

I have found these pads for as low as $56(including $15 shipping) for ALL three sets for my 86 GL1200I on a certain online auction site by searching for the PART number not the application. They are $14.00 a set. The table above is straight out of the EBC downloadable catalog.

Hope this helps!:waving:
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