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GL1200 Aspencade digital speedo on an Interstate?

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Speedometer started squealing really bad yesterday. Lubed the cable but that did not help at all. I finally took half the fairing apart and PB Blasted the heck out of the back of the actual speedometer and the squeal is gone, for now.

My question is.....Can I put an Aspencade digital speedo on my interstate? It
seems that the only difference would be a speed sensor and wire instead of a speedometer cable. Has anyone ever attempted this?
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Speed sensors are now made of unobtanium. Anyway, you'd have to change the whole dash and I think getting the wires right may be a challenge. Maybe if you also got an Aspy fairing harness...
Bottom line is, sure, if you really want to make your life miserable.
The speed sensor and wire would IMO be enough to make it impractical and expensive. But there is a lot more than that. The Aspencade digital dash is way more complicated than analog instruments, and needs a lot of sensors for things that the analog gauges don't. Would probably also be a problem trying to make it physically fit. I'd look for a replacement for the analog instruments. My digital speedometer and odometer failed. Never did find the problem, a new speed sensor and cable was over $150. I just Velcroed a cheap GPS unit to the fairing for speed and distance. Got it off eBay for around $30.
message from angel uk. see ebay uk 'jh bikespares'

hi wingman

just spotted this clock set on ebay uk!
the ebayer is a good guy. just buying
some wing parts myself from him.
i don't know the ebay item number.
this not available on an iPhone screen.

please see below!


Angel :)

Clock Set from a 1984 GL1200 with only 28215 miles on the clock.

Clean and in good condition. Connections all clean and not corroded. Light surface marks from normal use.

Tried and tested and guaranteed to operate correctly.

A good used part ready to fit.

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Thanks guys, I think I'll heed the advise and stay with a stock speedo.....Found one on Ebay cheap.....Thx Steel.
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