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GL1200 Backfire

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The saga continues I have a 1987 gl1200 that backfire thru the exhaust hare ALL of the things I do to it,
1st had a water pump go bad and burn a head gasket,replace both along with new timing belts and cleaned carbs using spray carbs cleaner
2nd had a bad power wire to the coils and cdi ,No spark, Did a coil attachment still no spark, Thought it was a bad pulse generator,replace them no luck so replace cdi with a used one still no luck then found bad wire, replace it and it runs
3rd now that it runs I have a bad backfire could it be that the carbs are out of synced


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Does the engine run smooth at all RPM's and at its correct idle speed.

When does it back fire? Always, on acceleration, on deceleration, while riding or can you get it just revving it up in neutral.
backfire at about 2800 up when riding no power

Update pulled carbs off and the air cutoff valve was bad could see light trough it order Randakk's Cycle Shakk Honda GL1200 Carb Overhaul Master Kit
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