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I feel like I'm in a Doublemint gum commercial......Stop, you're both right.
Tricky is correct. The Hondaline CB radio came with a splitter so you didn't need two antennas. It has a couple of adjust screws so you can use an SWR to trim the antenna for both the radio and the CB.
My '86 came with an aftermarket motorola CB and a second antenna. The radio and the CB were independent. Unfortunately, you had to physically trim the antenna for the CB, so it was nine inches shorter on the left side, and quite frankly, it looked tacky.
Since then, I have installed the Hondaline CB with the splitter, I only use one antenna, and I replaced the left antenna so my "dual whips" are the same height.

So, do you have two antennas?
Is it the left that has the wire cut?
Does the radio work correctly?
What CB are you using?
Trace the cable from the "cut" antenna and see where it leads.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
Not open for further replies.