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GL1200 Electrical Goes DOA

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just bought bike a few weeks back
pulled into garage and it just went DOA. Dog bone blew and some signs of overheating, After reading some I replaced it with a 30 amp blade fuse all well then noticed the clock flashing turned on key all went dead. Ck fuse was ok put pack lights came on wires that go into the plug on top were hot
lit started went down road radio on put turn signal on static in headset and all went dead popped the clutch and it started drove home it has done this a few times each time the wires around the starter solenoid were HOT the 2 in the plug. Started it to day let warm up seamed ok but the wires are getting hot again and now at 2000 rpm hear and foal a clink like clink..............clink
Does any one have a idea. :sadguy:
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What you have is bad connections on the red and red/white wires on the solenoid. What you need to do is cut those wires off the connector and solder them together with 1 end of a good 30 amp fuse holder and connect the other end to the + battery terminal.
So I don't just cut the 2 from the solenoid and put the fuse between the,
You want me to take the two I cut from the plug solder them together the put a fuse and the a new wire to + bat
Like this:


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Excellent help, guys! I've done the same thing and run my '85 on a 12V lawn tractor solenoid!
Ok just finished up had to go to napa to get the Max 30 amp holder with #8 lwads
worked great bike running great
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