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Hello All!
Long time lurker, just signed up a bit ago.
Introduction thread here

My Wing is having a issue which escapes me. The battery drains at an alarming rate. Here is a quick rundown of symptoms;

Battery loses charge while riding
Battery loses charge while not running
Will stay running if started after the battery has been charged
Will stay running if started via a portable jump box
Taillight dash light will come on while on the throttle
Taillight goes off when engine speed is decreasing or when at idle
Stator reads 6.4v on all three wires
Battery reads 12.6v at idle, and will either ready 14.3v at 3000rpms OR 11v.

Actions taken;
New battery (Three weeks ago- simply replacing the old battery when I realized it had been run dry and the bike was not able to start when the temperature was below freezing.)
Stater wires were all spliced in together(!?!) and badly corroded Stripped out the awful wiring job, and corrected it with solder and heat shrink.
Disconnected all accessories power cables and tied them off. Rode to work, parked and attempted to start the bike - no change in symptoms. Battery dead.
As far as I can tell by connecting my meter in series with the battery there is no parasitic drain. (I did this by switching it to read amps, and connecting one lead to the positive, and one positive terminal - perhaps i did this incorrectly? I got no reading, but should expect something from the stereo.)

Any and all feedback or suggestions would be very helpful. This is my main method of transportation, and I love my bike.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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