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Maybe if you're far away. I'm lucky that I'm 13 miles from them and if I order before noon, I can have stuff the same afternoon and the small or medium parts box is under $10 shipping. Makes it not even worth driving there, but if it will fit in the Wing I often use it as an excuse to get out of the shop and on my bike. 🤡 Order later and it will show up the next morning.

I just did a test and sending something breadbox sized (a welding helmet) to Hope AR was less than $15. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.
Granted for production, their prices are a bit high, but for prototypes, or onesie twosies the ability to get everything from one place makes using them a no brainer. And without a doubt they have the best website of any major supplier. Puts Grainger to shame. They even have CAD models of a ton of items that you can drop into a lot of CAD packages with a click or two.
I have tried to use Grainer's website many many times over the decades, it has not improved one iota since it first went up in the early '90s.
totally embarrassing I would think.

I always just called the local store and talk with a Human to see if they have what I want.
since I retired, I never gone back to their store, too far off the beaten path,
and with eBay and Amazon, it is cheaper to order what I want, than to drive 25 miles to Tulsa and search uselessly in a local store.

just this morning, I ordered up some new RV inline water filters to use on the Public water lines, before it gets to my RV,
free shipping, got two of them for about what one would cost at the local RV dealership, 23 miles from home.

. this covid crap has had one major change on how we shop anymore.
We now order nearly all of our "dry goods" in grocery stores that ship to the house, Walmart usually, Reasors will too.

Our local grocery is great and we would love to support them more, but we can get stuff shipped to us for less than over the counter here at home, plus I stay inside the house where it is cool.

right now, it is 99*F with Real Feel of 112*F.... I can't handle that anymore since the Semi truck merged me into the median wall back in 2008
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