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GL1200 goldwing guards

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I have a1986 Aspencade and I am having a problem getting the front wheel off, it has a splash guard that covers the rotors and I cannot get it lose. Any suggestions? I know it is probably simple fix.
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I have the same bike and will take a look at it tomorrow after work,But I'm sure there will be someone on here shortly with more knowledge than I.
Rotor covers are aftermarket and may vary in mounting methods. If you could post a picture someone would probably recognize the brand and know how to remove them.
Did yo get the third allen head bolt at the top? It also secures the brake line.
Most that I have seen requier the removal of the front wheel to get them off.

Like Dave said, depends on the covers. The ones on mine had a little cut out for the locating peg for the speed sending unit. I hsd to pry the cover back away toward the wheel to get it to slip free.
wheel guard

First time I am replying hopefully doing it correctly. I am trying to remove the front wheel, which will not down because the guard is stuck on an ear on the fork or the speed sensor, which I could not see how that comes off either. The book says there is a screw to remove the sensor but I think the guard is blocking it.
You have the exact same problem I did. The cover blocks the speed sensor and you will have to pull the wheel with the sensor attached, then diconnect when its out. The cover is held on by the axel bolt. You can TRY to take apart the axel and get the cover off, but what I did was just pry the cover away from the little peg with a big flathead. Once it drops down, hanging by the wire, you'll have to take the bolt apart then. I did NOT put the covers back on when I was done.
Thanks, Prying it off looks like the only option, and like yours these will not see the road again.
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