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hi wingers

when i bought the project wing.
i noticed the clock is a none
working german make called
a keinzle. i couldn't understand
why honda would've installed
a german clock on a japanese

q) is this oem or aftermarket?

q2) i've searched the 1200 manual
downloaded off the forum.
however i can't see a photo of the clock?

q3) i've also checked the wiring
schematic. this shows 4 wires.
the clock only has 3 wires.
i've now removed the clock.
it has very cheap mechanism.
all plastic.

does any winger have an interstate '84
that has a genuine clock in the dash
please. can you upload a photo of this
clock please!

many thanks everyone!


Angel :)


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gl1200 clock

thanks for your messages!

the wing that i've bought:-

gl1200 (DE)LUXE does have
the clock wires. a round hole
for where it's located!
i need to find
a suitable waterproof clock now.
it also has trunk lights.

it must be a rare bike
as know one seems to know
this variant model!

q) what clock would you
recommend please?

thank you!

Angel :)

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i'm a rookie winger ken. no need to be rude!

hi ken

i'm doing my best in relaying correct
factual information about the gl1200
i've bought. goldwings are
rare where i live and i've never owned
one before.

i've only just joined this website
and i'm most grateful for the
help and advice i've been given.

as a goldwing rookie, i don't
know all the varients of the gl1200.
i thought it was correct in
typing the i.d of the bike from
the title; (DE). when i phone
up for parts in the uk, they asked
for the full title.
do you think that when i type
deluxe, do you think i'm saying
my bike is better than everyone elses?
this wasn't the case.
i was just being informative ken!

i find some of replies either a joke from
you or detrimental: 'plain jane'
like jane is not worth anything.

my bike is a project bike to
make a pensioner happy!

i would like to request that you
don't write detrimental words
on such a worthwhile site.
i'm here to learn, to help.
give back ken!

i thank you for your advice


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