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GL1200 in storage for 5 years

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hey guys I am new to the site and to goldwings I am buying a 84 GW aspencade and its been mostly stored and started only a few times a years for the past 5 years it has always been in the garage and taken care of but is there anything I need to do before starting or driving it cause im going tomorrow to pick it up im not sure if I should drive it home or tow it any help would be helpful

thanks Ben
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IIWM… I'd tow/trailer it home and not even try to start it. Hope you're getting a killer deal since it's a 'pig in a poke'. Then you can start with all the needed items…. gas, carbs, fuel tank, battery, tires(maybe), belts(maybe), coolant, oil/filter…. etc. And check the stator and wiring. Search GL1200 stator' and you'll find a bunch of information.

Is the seller giving you some sort of history?? Hope that he's done some sort of storage prep…. that would help some but count on some basics.

By the way… welcome to the forum!!
Too risky IMO, just trailer it. After 5 years (coincidently the same time my two bikes were stored) you're looking at bleeding/flushing the brakes/clutch, new tires, completely flushing the fuel system, pulling the carbs for a good cleaning and new seals, tracking down coroded electrical connections, checking the stator and replacing the timing belts at least. A week or two worth of work, and I wouldn't trust it until after that's all been done. But once you do all that you can ride the he!! out of her!
My experience with bikes like that is, that they will 100% of the time get you 50% of they way home before they stop running. Trailer it and save a headache.,,,
Check the bike out to make sure everything works fine, if the timing belts are not too old and tires within about 5-7 years and good, then ride it home and be happy!

If you can trailer it home then that may be fine, but it will hate you for doing so, then it will take time to get a good love relationship with it afterwards! It will always resent the time it spent on that trailer!

Honestly, it just depends on the bike, condition, circumstances, etc... but if it runs well just ride it! Providing of course all else is well!
first thanks for your post went to see it in person and it is in awesome shape having to trailer it home cause the battery has a bad cell but he had started it and drove it up and down the street like 4-6 times a year. I am still going to redo all fluids it has a brand new tire on the rear and a front that has around 1k on it runs great the only thing besides the battery is it needs the fork seal done but the parts came with it. what kind of oil, clutch gear oil regular or synthetic
I would do the timing belts aswell, you will have to strip it down to do the fork seals and while its striped its a small job to do them. its not expensive and could save you a future headache.
just my two cents worth...
good luck with it.
I envy you. Nothings more fun than bringing a bike home and not knowing anything about it. Change the oil and filter, check or change the coolant, check or change the timing belts and tension. Start it, if you have brake pressure, ride it. Leaky forks can wait, you've got other things to do first. Castrol GTX 10w40 is my choice for oil. Beware, some Auto oils have friction modifiers that can hurt your clutch.

Take pictures, ask questions, tell us how you're doing. This is fun for all.

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