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I just replaced the timing belts on the above bike. I have brought this one back from the brink of extinction with loads of TLC but it occurred to me that I had no idea how old the belts were. They looked fine but who knows? The only clue I had was that one cam pully was just under 1/2 tooth out, not enough to allow moving it but enough to think about belt stretch.

Swapping the belts went as described in the manual but I decided to do the tensioner mod at the same time. The excellent document that someone posted with all the pully and fixing details was invaluable. Thank you. However, I discovered that an 8mm countersunk screw exactly fits the countersink left in the tensioner pully plate after removing the OEM pully. I was concerned that leaving anything proud on the back might foul the cast lug that stops the plate torquing. The 8mm is flush.

Now it is all done the cam pully marks are spot on and I feel it runs smoother, even if it is my imagination I know the belts are good.
Incidentally I saw somewhere that removing the radiator might be optional for a belt job, I tried it and would say take it off.

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