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gl1200 interstate identity historic info request please!

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hi wingers

i live in the uk and i've never
owned an american bike before.
i've been trying to find out the
model/i.d of my bike.
on the rh/bottom of frame label
i've no obtained some info.
i don't know what it all means:-

type: sc14 ?
frame: sc14-4001933 (4 million+ gw)
p.v.a 83/6521 ?

the owners papers advise:
interstate (de) luxe

i don't know what my full exact
model is. on the honda parts
manual i d/l today. it advises
same year with different letters
A & L

i'm confused about my bikes
model reference for finding parts etc.

any advice greatly appreciated

regards and thanks everyone!

angel :)
uk winger (rookie)
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gl1200 id request please

hi norman!

thanks for your reply!
from london, howdy neighbour.... fleetwood!

Please my barn find at kirby lonsdale photo.
i`ve uploaded one on this site!

What part of London are you from matey?


Angel UK!
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gw id search

Hi dizzy

Many thanks for your reply!

I'm waiting for the gov. bike change over docs.
the new owners log title doc, will give me the full vin!

I`ll be back my buddy!


Angel :)
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