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hi y'all!

we bought a project bike interstate '84
for restoring. the previous owner advised
the engine is working ok. we couldn't
start the engine, no battery.
the bike was a cheap project. only
36k miles. the last time the bike
started was 12 months ago.
the carbs have been cleaned.
new fuel in engine.
the starter spins, the starter solenoid
click is heard.
we removed the starter, clean it.
it has 13mm carbon brushes. the starter
was reassembled, good torque.
before reinstalling, the little gear has
been observed, sitting in the chain
and only turns one way.

a few wingers have advised using seafoam
for the sticking starter clutch.
thanks everyone for this advice.
however the bike doesn't crank!
the engine wont turn over.
new coils, good sparks.

another mechanic advised this method.

put bike on main stand.
remove all spark plugs.
turn bike on, out into 1st gear
and try and start the bike.
he advised the rotating engine,
with no compression, might release
the stuck starter. or use a hairdrier
at the rear end of the bike, two oil
pumps have been mentioned.
the hairdriers heat might release
the stuck starter clutch?

many thanks for your guru's advice wingers!


angel stuckstarterclutch! :-(

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Does the starter make noise and not turn the engine?
Does the relay click, but the starter doesn't make any noise?
Does the starter go thud and the engine doesn't turn?
Does the relay not click, and the starter not engage?
A "stuck" starter clutch would keep the starter engaged AFTER releasing the button.
More precise information please.

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It sounds like the engine is frozen. Remove plugs and try rotating the engine by hand. If no go fill the plug holes/ cylinders with ATF and allow it to soak for a couple of days and then rotate by hand.

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possible sticking starter clutch '84 i/state

hi gl & an

thank you for your replies.

when i bought the bike, there was no
battery. one bought and i attempted
to start the engine. there was just
a spinning noise. starter was checked,
cleaned and brushes ok. put back in.

the engine does rotate by hand.

i think the sticking starter clutch may be the

sadly I've to wait for the replacement

I've been repairing, painting and
i let you know what happens when
all the parts come together.

the pistons aren't seized.

i was advised to use seafoam for sticking
starting clutches. however i wont
know for a little while whether the
engine will start or not.
not had time to check all components.
coils solenoid? cdi? been working

thanks for your advice wingers!

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