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GL1200 LTD in Kansas

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Is there anyone around the area that would be interested in my old gal?

The fairing is in good shape, but it's high mileage. I can't find the pics I took, but thought anyone interested would know what one looked like.

It looks like I could get most of my money back if I parted it out, but that seems like a whole lot of work.

If you're interested, let me know and I'll get you more info ASAP. I was wanting to get around $2500.

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It's this one, but mine has a lot more chrome goodies on it. My front rotor covers are chrome and more lights, the light bar around the back end has more lights.

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I take it that it isn't in the same condition as the one pictured. :?

$2500 seems very fair if it is anywhere close to being like that one.:)
85 Ltd

If you do decide to part out let me know. I only live about a hour away from you. Might even be interested in whole bike. I am going to be gone for a couple weeks, will check with you when I get home. ould youpossibly post pictures or email me pictures to [email protected] Thanks
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