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During my quest to find new faceplate for my SEi restoration project. I learned a great deal.

My related thread here.

Honda made two different colors for the SEi and only one color for the LTD.

I did find 3 replacement part numbers. All are discontinued.

Not being one to give up easily. I persevered and found that Honda made a Black faced faceplate.


It too is Discontinued. I contacted CMS in the Netherlands, They can not aquire any more rom the vendor they were able to at the time.

So having the new part number. I found the only remaining NEW unused part available. (same as above picture)

It was on a classified sight in Canada.;jsessionid=BCBA4F2227C453A81F8206B12DCD71AE?adId=1310720862&siteLocale=en_CA

During the time I was waiting for a reply from the seller. I found a whole nav unit on ebay. wit the same blackface.

I was hoping Honda had fixed the easily scratched OEM faceplate with the new OEM Black faceplate?

Sadly the below picture says that wasn't the case.


So I backed out of the deal to buy the only available face plate.

Being a OEM man. I knew I'd have to get creative with 3M clear film to seal that cover so it too didn't get easily scratched like its other OEM faceplates do.

And I really wanted the Factory look on my SEi not a black face plate.

So I'm posting his here to let anyone who has a LTD/SEi know where to fine a brand new face plate.

Here is the other pictures I was sent of it.


I hope this can help someone?
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