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GL1200 - new o-ring at final drive- and 'uh-oh'

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GL1200 Aspy - just got this bike and have been changing out wheel bearings, brake pads, etc... just to make sure. Put in a new o-ring on the pinion side of the final drive and started her up - on the center stand; put into first gear to check and NO movement at the rear wheel. I'm afraid to ask, but it sounds to me like I screwed up and didn't get the driveshaft into the u-joint good enough... Please tell me it is t true. Tell me that a safety feature on the Wing is that the wheel won't turn if its on the center stand... Anything but taking that beast back apart again - really really wanna ride! Ok, hit me...what do ya think I did?

When I spin the back tire by hand it sounds clunky...
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Take it back apart as the drive shaft as you suspected is sitting beside the u-joint.
No special wand or tool to wave to miraculously fix 'stupid'?
Don't know if it is always true but I have heard that "you can't fix stupid"! :ROFL:
I agree that your problem is the drive shaft is not meshed with the u-joint. You gotta take it back apart to have a look.
Ok guys, took it back apart. With the final drive out of the way I inserted the driveshaft and 'found' what should be the ujoint. With the trans in N, I can spin it and feel spline to spline, and can compress the spring on the end just a bit. I presume that means I'm where I need to be.

As a test I put the bike in 1st gear - thinking that I should NOT be able to spin it like before; but it does still spin. What am I missing? Can't imagine that I can insert the driveshaft any further, as the spring won't let it stay that way...

Appreciate your ideas and experiences...
Did you pull the rubber accordion boot at the out put shaft of the motor and Moly Paste lube those splines and make sure they are put back on in place? That is the only other place it can be loose from.
Thanks newday777, I haven't done anything whatsoever with the forward boot. Clymer manual hasn't said anything about that.

So should I do something with that? How do I get to it?
Pull it backwards, has pull tabs, use some long needlenose pliers to get it on and off, pull back and lube those splines w/moly paste too.
Thanks Stu, I'll give it a go tomorrow after church.

Do you think this is related to my original problem? I was confused that the shaft kept moving when I dropped it into first.
Yes, the u-joint may have pulled off the output shaft splines when you pulled the driveshaft out.
Hey Stu, great input. That's exactly what happened. Pulled back the boot to find the ujoint just hangin out - not wanting to do his job. All fixed and good to go! Fou d another unrelated problem this evening on my maiden voyage - but that's another subject...

Appreciate you sharing your experience!
Cool. Glad you got it fixed.
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